NIREAS – International Water Research Center

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UCY established in 1989, is a public corporate body and is the most prestigious educational and research institution of the country. It currently has about 5600 students and it aims to increase the number by 2000 students by 2015 with the final aim to count 10000 students by 2020. It has 6 Faculties/Schools and 21 Departments. High quality scholarly research and innovative applications have always been a central aim of the UCY. During the last years the UCY has had considerable success in attracting external research funding, and has succeeded in acquiring a number of highly prestigious chairs of excellence, with the most recent example of four ERC Grants.

Currently UCY is implementing 98 programmes funded by European and international funding, including three frontier research grants of ERC and another 231 programmes funded by the National Research Promotion Foundation. In 2010 the first Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Pissarides Christoforos has also joined the academic community of UCY. These achievements provide concrete evidence of the quality of the University’s research as this is assessed by external independent evaluators. Furthermore, the UCY has hosted, with great success, many international and local conferences. UCY participated in approximately 500 research projects funded by the EC and other International funding agencies. Finally it has set up its own internal competitive funding mechanisms for grants to the academic community to boost research and innovation. The School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus, UCYEng, is a young engineering and in the nine years since its establishment in 2003, UCY-Eng has attracted and managed external programs worth well over 20 million.

Nireas-IWRC was established in early 2011 with the objective and the vision to leverage scientific and engineering expertise in order to tackle water-related issues (current budget from EU funds ca. 3 million euro).

Working Group

  • Dr. Despo Fatta-Kasinos
  • Dr. Costas Michael
  • Dr. Irene Michael
  • Ms. Popi Karaolia

Technical University of Crete

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The Technical University of Crete, one of Greece’s Higher Education Institutions, which places emphasis both on education and research, was established in 1977 in Chania Crete and admitted its first students in October 1984. The Campus is built on a panoramic location in Kounoupidiana, Akrotiri, 7 km northeast of the city of Chania, with a total area surface of 290 hectares. Off campus, the Department of Architectural Engineering is located at the former French School in Halepa whereas the Rectorate and the rest of the administration offices are located in the heart of the old city of Chania in the Venetian complex of the old barracks and prison.

The mission of the Technical University of Crete is to develop modern engineering specialties, to place emphasis on research in fields of advanced technology as well as to establish close cooperation with the industry and other production organizations in Greece. 57 laboratories with excellent equipment, high technology infrastructure and brilliant staff members and 125 faculty staff members with international academic careers testify to the high quality of the educational and research work conducted at the modern facilities of the campus. This profile ranks the Technical University of Crete amongst the most prominent research institutions in Greece.

The future goals of the Technical University of Crete include the further enhancement of basic sciences covered in the curriculum of the Departments, so that future engineers can benefit from the best possible quality of education and the best researchers in engineering-related fields may be challenged to work for this Institution.

Working Group

  • Dr. Nikos Xekoukoulotakis
  • Dr. Danae Venieri
  • Ms. Katerina Drosou

S.K. Euromarket Ltd

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S.K. Euromarket Ltd is an established water and wastewater engineering company with over two decades of experience in the design and construction of complete plants and equipment that cover a wide range of applications in the residential, municipal, industrial and agricultural sector.  Dedication to the continuous acquisition of innovative technology breakthroughs in the world of water and wastewater engineering has been a key commitment and a competitive advantage of S.K. Euromarket Ltd since the beginning of the company.

The design-build core of S.K. Euromarket’s operations represents the combination of our highly experienced engineering team and our state of the art in-house manufacturing capabilities. S.K. Euromarket offers prefabricated wastewater treatment plants that cover a range of capacities and applications. Our prefabricated plants offer high tech quality, expedient and cost-effective solutions for the needs of our diverse clients in the residential, the municipal and industrial sectors.  In addition to the design and construction of complete water and wastewater treatment plants, S.K. Euromarket offers a number of other products and services.  Our technical services include the preparation of design plans and specifications, cost estimates, feasibility studies, retrofits and upgrades of existing plants or equipment, and the design and construction of customized equipment according to client plants and specifications.

Working Group

  • Mr. Stathis Kyriakou
  • Mr. Yiannis Georgiou
  • Ms. Christina Lamprou
  • Mr. Kostas Pissiaras
  • Mr. Mihai Iulian Izariu